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My greatest desire is to be of service to you especially if you feel challenged with “not enough” – money, time, energy, self-love.  Have you been challenged by relationships – friends, family, romantic, career, money and most importantly, your relationship with you?  I want to help you break free from limitation and embrace the joy and freedom of co-creating (with the Universe) the fabulous life you’ve always dreamed about.  I’m here to encourage and empower you to lead a more abundant life.  Having spent many years challenged with limitation in my own life (full disclosure – still learning!), I feel energetically connected to those who have been traveling a similar path.  So far in my life I’ve been: single, married, abused, divorced, the other woman, the woman waiting for a commitment, a single mom, a stepmom, a college student, a career woman (an administrative assistant and paralegal for over 35 years), in jobs I didn’t feel good about, creating a new business (Connect To Your Light), struggling to make more than just enough money to pay my bills, and having more than enough money but spending it as quickly as I received it. Can you relate to any of these roles or life situations??

It goes without saying that many of these roles were challenging and I found myself living too often from a space of lack – lack of self-love and self-worth, feeling not good enough and/or not enough, in poverty consciousness, victim mentality, trying and failing to fix other people and circumstances, feeling responsible for other people’s happiness, making their happiness a priority over my own. Do any of these sound familiar to you? Are you allowing any of them to be a part of your life right now? The pain of where I was made me look for new solutions, lasting solutions – a new way of living, a new way of being, and I followed through no matter how uncomfortable those changes felt at the time. I want to help you do the same. I know it’s possible for you because it was for me. I know how much better your life will feel by making this commitment to yourself. And you are definitely worth it!

I’m down-to-earth and I have a good sense of humor so I’m able to find humor in some of the opportunities I’ve been presented with in this lifetime! I’ve also learned the value of them. I’m very willing to be open and honest about my own struggles (i.e., opportunities for growth). My wish is that this will help you to feel more at ease sharing your own opportunities for growth and you can feel safe, confident and ready to explore a more empowered way to live your life by working with me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and being open to learning new ways to feel more strongly connected to your inner light, your omnipotent, omnipresent connection to the God of your heart.  If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting with you and learning more about you and about myself.  Because when I’m working with you, I’m receiving the gift of healing as well.  I’m sending many wonderful blessings your way!  And remember – always let your beautiful, magnificent light shine!!

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More about my work, background and training:

I offer Create Your Fabulous Life© coaching, Crystal Soul Alignment sessions using crystals, Reiki and your Akashic Records, Heal Your Money Story coaching and Angel Messages.  I may use, as I’m guided, a combination of crystals, Reiki, your Akashic Records, Angel Card readings, Assertiveness coaching and Heal Your Money Story coaching in any of the sessions I offer.

I was raised as a Christian and attended Sunday School and church on a regular basis growing up. I’ve always had a relationship with the God of my heart. I fortunately was raised to believe that God was a loving, benevolent being. But as things in my life didn’t seem to fall into place or be in alignment with my own idea of what God would want for me, I began to draw away from my religious background and question some of the truths I learned as a child. A part of me was angry with God for not helping me even though I prayed fervently for his intervention and help. For many years I had a very peripheral relationship with God. I knew He/She was there but I wasn’t really trusting that He/She had my best interests at heart. Either that or I must be a pretty bad human being and He/She was letting me know by bringing these not so happy events into my life!

Several years ago I was introduced to energy healing through a good friend. I also signed up for a college class that explored different healing modalities. The first book I read that explored our soul in depth was Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. These events opened up a world that I was already familiar with but it was being shown to me in a different light. Since that time in 2006 I’ve explored many, many different healing modalities and teachers through books, videos, meditation, courses, teleseminars and webinars. In 2014 I made a decision to step away from the corporate world and into a life of joy and purpose doing what I love to do. I created a new and expanded relationship with the God of my heart, the Universe, Source, All-That-Is by choosing my own happiness and remembering that I AM always connected to my light.

I was drawn to the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and became a Certified Crystal Healer because I always loved crystals and gems since I was a child. I loved the shapes and colors and the sparkle and I had a small collection of them growing up. In the Crystal Academy, I was fascinated with learning about their properties, how they form and how they can bring our body (a very large crystal itself!) into resonance with their frequency in order to balance the energy of our chakras. I enjoyed learning about the science as well as the healing energy of crystals.

I then became certified as a Soul Journeys ® Akashic Records consultant through Alicia Isaacs Howes. I was drawn to the Akashic Records because of the limitless source of information and healing resources held within them. We can learn so much about our true self through working with our Record Keepers. Through them it’s possible to release the hold of old patterns and beliefs. These may have been part of past lives but are now showing up in your current life. By shifting and transmuting this energy from your past, you can shift and transmute it from your present and your future. Through the Akashic Records many of the old patterns of belief that I held about myself, such as being “not enough” and being responsible for other people’s happiness, have shifted and I have been able to leave them behind and embody more of my own personal power.

While going through the three levels of Akashic Records training, I also began the Soul Journeys ® Heal Your Money Story coaching program with Alicia Isaacs Howes. This course really helped me to identify the money blocks I was experiencing in my life and how to shift the energy of these old beliefs into empowering beliefs that enable me to embrace the full abundance of the Universe that is rightfully mine (and yours!).

I also am a certified Usui Reiki practitioner. I took my training at the Fern Life Center in Issaquah, WA with Brian Dotson. I love the beautiful, clear, healing energy of Reiki. It blends beautifully with the healing energy of the crystals especially when balancing our chakras. Reiki means universal life force energy. This energy is in all living things. It is a very simple and gentle healing modality but it is so very powerful.

I recently received my Angel Card Reader certification after completing the course given by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine through Hay House, Inc.  I’m very excited to now provide Angel Messages to my clients through these readings!  I also took my certification to be an Assertiveness Coach with Doreen Virtue.

I live in the beautiful Northwest with most of my family in close proximity.  I’m the mother of a beautiful daughter and grandmother to two energetic little Rat Terriers!  I enjoy travelling – visiting the ocean, the mountains and the rainforests so near to my home and going to foreign countries to explore how all of us are so very similar – listening to music, painting watercolors, mosaics, reading, learning from great mentors and teachers, looking for crystals, communicating with my angels and spirit guides, writing, NIA and yoga.

If you would like to work with me, you can schedule a session by going to my Angel Messages, Crystal Soul Alignment and/or Heal Your Money Story pages under the Sessions tab.  You can also sign up for my Create Your Fabulous Life© coaching program.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you co-create your fabulous life!

Namaste, Pam