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Angel wings

Don’t you love to receive guidance from your angels? Your angels are with you all the time, everywhere you go. They’re always ready to help you in any way they possibly can. They’re lovingly waiting to hear your request for assistance. They’re always trying to find ways to connect with you so here I offer you a way to connect with them.

About your Angel Message: I first ask to connect with your angels and guides. I ask them to work with my angels and guides to allow me to choose the cards that will best answer your question(s). I ask them for guidance as to which oracle card deck(s) is the best one for me to use. I bless the cards and say a prayer before I pull your cards.  I then view and read the cards that are chosen and write down any and all messages the angels give me.

You may find that at first the message you receive doesn’t seem to make sense but in time the answer will usually become clear. The angels don’t always give you what you’re asking for because they know better than you do what’s in your highest good and in the highest and best interests of all concerned. You can trust that they are always watching over you and want the very best for you. They have great love and respect for you. You always have free will whether you choose to follow their guidance or not and they never judge your choices. They truly only have love for you!

If you’re ready to receive a message from your angels and would like some extra help from an Earth Angel (that’s me ;-)), I’m looking forward to assisting you!

Your Angel Message will be delivered to you via email. Please email me at Contact Pam with the Angel Message you want to receive (see below) and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Once payment is received I’ll deliver your message to you, usually within 3 days.  If for some reason it will take me longer than 3 days, I’ll update you via email.

Your question(s) can be in regard to any area of your life: life purpose or career; your relationship with a romantic partner, friends, family, co-worker, boss; your health and well-being; whatever question is coming up for you.

Please choose below the Angel Message you would like to receive:

Angel Message – One Card

One question, One Card:     $11
(For a shorter answer to any question you have in any area of your life.)

Angel Message – Three Cards

One to three questions, Three Cards, one or more card decks:     $33
(For any question(s) you have that involve the same general area of your life.)

Angel Message – Six Cards

One to three questions, Six Cards, 2 or more card decks:     $55
(For question(s) you have that involve more than one area of your life and/or you want to receive even more detailed information from your angels.)