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Crystals Grids & More

 Manifestation Grid

Manifestation Grid

Creating a crystal grid:

Have you ever created your very own crystal grid?  It’s a lot of fun and it’s very empowering.  I’m excited to help you create one in one of my classes!

I’ll teach you the steps to create a powerful grid to place in your home or office or any place you feel you want to increase the energy of your intention.

There are tons of reasons why you may want to create a grid.  You can create a crystal grid to manifest any goal.  Here’s a few examples:

Abundance (this is beyond just money – how about more love, peace, joy?)

Finding your perfect job

Loving yourself

Creating a business that makes your heart sing

Finding the perfect partner to share your life with

Forgiveness (self and/or others)

Locating your ideal home in the ideal location for you

Creative ways to increase your income

Healing emotional and/or physical issues

And since this list can be as long as your imagination and intuition, I’ll let you add to it as you feel into the possibilities.

I’ll be adding classes from time to time and will link the class page to this page as they become available.  Be sure to check back often to see what’s new!


Here’s the link:  https://www.connecttoyourlight.com/create-crystal-grid/

Many uses for crystals and gems:

  • crystal healing combines well with other healing modalities, like Reiki
  • crystal or gem elixirs
  • crystal grids
  • crystal baths
  • mojo bags
  • jewelry
  • meditation aid
  • pocket or purse stone
  • worry stone
  • empower incense, sage and candles
  • gifts for friends and family

Clearing crystals and gems:

The method I like best and is recommenced by Hibiscus Moon in her Crystal Academy is using sound acoustics to cleanse or retune crystal energy.  Crystals have a very stable Dominant Oscillary Rate (DOR) and so they really don’t need our help to get back to their natural DOR.  However, if you want to help them do that more quickly, you can use sound acoustics to physically jar the energy around them with a tuning fork, a singing bowl or tingshas.   The sound frequencies go into the energy field or torus around the crystal and help move the crystal back into its natural DOR.  The sound frequencies interact with the frequencies of the crystal.  This is more practical and more efficient than something like a 7-day cleanse, placing your crystals in a bowl of salt or rice or putting them in the sun (as the sun can fade some crystals) or water (some stones can disintegrate).  Hibiscus also uses what she calls a “stone vacation” – burying the stone in the earth – as a way to retune crystals but it’s not nearly as practical as using sound acoustics.  There is no right or wrong way to retune your crystals so if you like the way you’ve been doing it, keep doing it!  This is offered as a suggestion and it’s my favorite way simply because it’s so easy to do!

Storing of crystals and gems:

There is no one particular way to store your crystals and gems.  You may want to display them throughout your living space and/or your office space.  This is not only a beautiful addition to your space but has the added benefit of the crystals’ energy assisting you throughout your day.  I have a lot of my smaller crystals stored in plastic craft boxes, the ones that you can create several square or rectangular spaces within in to suit your needs.  While it would be ideal to have them stored in a box made of something natural like wood, they aren’t always easy to find ready-made or to have one made.  Some people also like to keep their crystals in or on a natural cloth, like cotton, within a chest, box, or whatever container you’ve chosen to store them.  Again, there is no right or wrong way to store your crystals.  Just be sure to pay attention to them, whether on display or carefully stored within some sort of container.  Be sure to interact with your crystals, letting them know they’re important to you, as you would a very dear friend.  As a dear friend would support you in any type of situation or crises, so will your crystals.  Allow them to be an integral part of your life and you’ll see the magical way they support you.