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How to get the most out of your sessions

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  • Do your best to be on time.
  • If you’ve scheduled an Akashic Records session, take some time to think about what you would like to ask or learn from your Record Keepers.  You won’t be limited by this as things will come up during your session, but it will give a focus to your session initially.
  • If you’ve scheduled a Crystal Soul Alignment, give some thought to what you would like to receive from your session and set an intention.
  • Be prepared.  Especially for Heal Your Money Story sessions, have the materials for your session readily available so you won’t waste time looking for your homework, a pen or paper.
  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.  Sitting or lying in a comfortable position is best – whatever allows you to fully relax and be open to receiving.
  • Put aside any distractions that may interfere with you being fully present.  Honor this time for yourself by putting away your phone, tablet, computer and to-do list.  You may want to disable call-waiting by hitting *70 on your phone. (Call waiting will be enabled again once you hang up).
  • Try to drink plenty of clear liquids, water and/or herbal teas, both before and after your session to help you integrate whatever came through during your session.  You may want to have a glass of water nearby during your session as well.  Having paper and pen handy is also a good idea if you decide you want to jot down some notes or questions during the session.
  • If possible, allow yourself a little time after your session to relax, enjoy the moment, and to integrate without having to rush to another appointment immediately afterwards.  Ripples 1600x550

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