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Praise from some of my awesome and valued clients:

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I received an angel reading after struggling with a decision for months. After getting my reading, I no longer feel torn inside about which road to take, and realize that my angels have been and will continue to guide me down the perfect path if I will only take time for stillness in my heart and listen. The reading brought me peace along with gentle reminders of who I am and what I am here on this earth to do. Thank you so much Pam for being their instrument.

I really cannot thank you enough for this reading. My heart is full.
Laurie M.


Oh my gosh.  I have to share how wonderful the Crystal Soul Alignment was with Pam.  I had been feeling a bit sluggish and experiencing tenseness in my abdomen area which was telling me something wasn’t quite right.  In our session together Pam validated that my 2nd chakra was a bit stuck without me telling her what I had been feeling.  It was amazing to feel movement in that chakra as she went back through the “stuck” areas.  What a wonderful experience as I felt lighter and more connected after our session together.  I highly recommend receiving a session from Pam and will gladly share with anyone who wants to contact me at 2bstrong1961@gmail.com.  Thank you so much Pam.
Brenda Reiss, Redmond, WA, Founder of BrendaReissCoaching.com


Pam McKinney is an amazing Akashic Record Practitioner. May each and every one of you receive the blessing, joy and gifts that Pam is. She creates a scared space that I instantly felt… inviting, connected and so real. There was such a beautiful blend of all her gifts. The messages were right to the heart of the matter. In my session I learned how to protect and ground myself as I continued to stay open hearted in life and in the work that I do. Pam’s gift of crystals and her work with my Record Keepers was amazing. Together they found the best crystals to serve me in alignment with the message.
Cindy Holtfreter, Oak Brook, IL, Founder of Body and Soul Leadership


Thank you Pam for the reading I received from you. Thank you for your integrity and courage in relaying the messages of what I needed to hear even though some weren’t the answers I wanted to hear. Since the reading I am in a deeper energy of peace and loving appreciation for myself and the situation.
Michele Jarvis,  Naples, FL


Pam provided me with an Akashic Records reading that was accurate, supportive, and inspiring.  It was what I most needed to receive, and filled me with Divine love & light.  Pam has a quiet, gentle approach and took great care in guiding me through the reading.  Don’t miss an opportunity to experience a reading with Pam yourself–you’ll be glad you did!
Annie Glanman-Price, Westmont, IL , Founder of SoulSouring.com


I had an amazing session with Pam yesterday! She gave me a wonderful insight into my purpose and put me right back on track on what my path should be. Thank you for your brilliant perception and knowing of what is important. I really appreciate and love you for helping me moving forward on this adventure we call life.
Brigitte Moore, San Dimas, CA


Thank you, Pam McKinney, for a most enlightening and healing reading today. I so appreciate the accuracy of the information being received through the Record Keepers and how you shared visuals, validations, and clear advice which allowed me to peel back and heal more layers. To list all that was received through this reading, we would have to write a book. And there was every emotion, including humor, coming through. I’m still feeling the love, support, and guidance. Sending you my love and appreciation for a most profound and healing experience.
Joanne Almvig, Seattle, WA


I just received my Calm-Relax-Sleep mojo bag from Pam as a follow-up to a Crystal Soul Alignment session I had with her last week. Pam is so gifted…a true healer in every sense of the word and I slept like a baby afterwards for the first time in years. The combination of her calm, soothing voice and her knowledge about crystals and chakras allowed me to relax in a way I can’t begin to explain…pure heaven! And this mojo bag is SO beautiful! Thank you Pam!
Peggy Ottman, Wilton, CT, Author of “The Lonely Loon” and Founder at thelonelyloon.com


Yesterday I had a very deep and healing akashic record reading with Pam.  I was so impressed with her professionalism and loving guidance as she held my hand through the entire process. Pam helped me to release some majorly blocked emotions that I had been carrying around since childhood! And as we discovered, in previous lives as well! Pam raised my awareness to the importance of setting boundaries and gave me some really helpful and practical advice around this. Pam is an incredible healer and I am so grateful that we were able to connect!
Katie Power, Poplar Grove, IL, Founder at  KatiePower.com