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Crystal Mojo Bags

I would love to create a custom mojo bag for you!


Email me or PM me on Facebook and we’ll set up a 15 minute phone conversation. You can share your needs/goals with me and I’ll feel into the energy to see which crystals resonate.  Since this is a custom order I won’t know the price of your mojo bag until I do some research. This usually takes a couple of days. Once I have the cost of your investment, I’ll contact you.

If you want to move forward, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice and once I receive your payment, I’ll proceed to create your mojo/medicine bag.*  The crystals in your bag will be cleared, activated and infused with Reiki energy to honor your unique needs.  Sometimes creating your unique mojo bag can take up to three weeks so please be patient with the creation process.

When your mojo/medicine bag is ready, I’ll send you an email to let you know it’s on it’s way to you!

If you have any questions throughout the process, you can always contact me by email, Pam@ConnectToYourLight.com or by private message on FB and I’ll get back to you asap!  Namaste, Pam

*Because these are custom orders, no refunds will be given.


Abundance/Prosperity:mojo-Abundance CIMG2213 $25.00

Place on your desk, in your cash box, by your “to do” list or business cards, carry in your pocket or purse, hold while meditating on your vision.
About the crystals in your mojo bag:
Citrine – known as the “merchant’s stone”, brings abundance & wealth,  awareness, self-esteem, problem solving & new beginnings
Tiger’s Eye – calm, grounding, intuition, courage, integrity, wealth, confidence, career success, motivation, balance yin/yang
Carnelian –  courage, compassion, eloquence, self-empowerment, confidence, imagination, creativity, connection, vitality
Green Aventurine – manifest money, create abundance, decisiveness, leadership, courage to follow your heart, motivation, a “good luck” stone
Pyrite – self-confidence, focus, practicality, logic, memory, protection from negativity, seeing behind facades, assists communication


Calm/Relax/Sleep:mojo-Calm CIMG2206 $25.00

Place under your pillow to facilitate a restful night’s sleep; carry  in your pocket or your purse to enhance calmness and relaxation during your day; hold while meditating & listening for guidance.
About the crystals in your mojo bag:
Amethyst – promotes calm and tranquility; helps insomnia and enhances pleasant dreams & dream memory recall
Lepidolite – relieves everyday stress and promotes restful sleep
Howlite – extremely calming for anxiety, tension and fretful thoughts; helps you to relax in preparation for sleep
Clear Crystal Quartz – excellent for amplifying the energies of other stones or to enhance groups of stones


Emotional/Heart Healing:mojo-Heart Healing CIMG2214  $25.00

Place under your pillow, near a photograph or memorabilia, carry in your pocket or purse, hold near your heart while meditating.
About the crystals in your mojo bag:
Rose Quartz – unconditional love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, reconciliation, comforting, soothing, lowers stress, allows heart healing
Rhodonite – patience, balance emotions, supportive, attracts love, grounds negative energies, facilitates living from the heart
Rhodochrosite –  self-less love, compassion, improves self-worth, helps healing of the past, loneliness, fear, loss, heartache, inner-child issues
Pink aventurine – sense of well-being, remove feelings of being trapped, creative inspiration tempered by knowledge of practicality, calming
Green aventurine – heals emotional pain, fear & imbalance, releases emotional stress, reunites healthy heart & soul, protects heart chakra


Negativity Nixer:mojo-Negativity Nixer $25.00

Put in your pocket/purse, place under your pillow, hold while meditating.
About the crystals in your mojo bag:
Smokey Quartz – gently dissolves negative emotions, energy patterns & emotional blockages; absorbs & transmutes negativity by grounding it in the Earth where it can be neutralized; counters electromagnetic fields
Black Tourmaline – clears self and surroundings of negativity and disharmony; powerfully deflects negative energy; helps protect from radiation; helps center us, neutralizing fear, resentment, obsessions
Hematite – grounding; deflects negative energy; aids mental clarity, concentration, memory, self-control, practicality & original thinking; a stone of integration, creating a balanced energy in our auric field
Bloodstone – good for balance, neutralizing and eliminating toxins, emotional centering and calming; a great purifier; a stone of courage & strength, assisting those undergoing tremendous change in their lives